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Fabrikken ('the Factory') is located in the former industrial area 'Busmoen' in Lillehammer. Until 1971, this building was used as the 'Steen og Strøm' furniture factory, with approx. 100 employees and production of design furniture.

The house and the story were created for the new business center for creative businesses, that was established here with 20 tenants in 2005. Well helped by 15 shareholders, maternity help from the public and with much enthusiasm and courage from tenants and general manager, the first stage of construction was realized. Since then, there have been three building stages, many new shareholders and over one hundred companies have kept houses at Fabrikken for 13 years.

ANNO 2023


Fabrikken currently houses 30 businesses and approx. 50 people have their daily work here. The factory has many friends and partners, 62 shareholders (companies, the municipality and private individuals) and 1100 square meters of premises.

Today, we are a multitude of companies engaged in design, events, marketing, arts, crafts, music - to name a few. We are a business player in the region, we are an open house for the public and we are a center for knowledge of cultural industries and the running of small businesses.

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Besøks- og postadresse
Løkkegata 9, 2615 Lillehammer
+47 40 00 19 89

Åpningstider Fabrikken
Hverdager kl. 10.00 – kl. 16.30
Lørdager kl. 11.00 – kl. 16.00

Bedriftene og butikkene har varierende åpningstider.
Ta kontakt eller kom på besøk!

Vi tar gjerne imot besøk av grupper også utenom
åpningstider. Ta kontakt for avtale!
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