About the Fabrikken (english)

FABRIKKEN houses 27 businesses within art, culture and experiences. Since our start in 2005 with only 20 businesses, we have grown little by little. We now encomass over 11,100 square feet of office space, workshops and ateliers as well as 3000 square feet of storage.

We are found at Løkkegate 9, just a stones throw away from the walking street in downtown Lillehammer. We share building space with Døla Atelier, Løkkegate Physiotherapy, and Rambøll. In the neighboring building, Tyrili Center, with Norway’s largest indoor climbing center, opened in the Fall of 2014.

We are located in an old furniture factory (fabrikk), in what was until 1971 Steen and Strøm Furniture Factory. Here, stylish furniture including; lounges, dinning sets, matresses, beds and valences were produced. Several pieces which were produced here in the factory are to be found in the present day Fabrikken.

Fabrikken is organized as a corporation, with 58 shareholders who have together given close to 1.9 million kroner (almost 240,000 dollars).